Modifying The Les Mills Bar for more comfort

If you are one of the many who love to do Les Mill Pump but find it difficult to find a comfortable position when placing the bar on your shoulders (especially as you increase the amount of weight you use), this may be the solution.

Items needed:

1 piece of 1 inch pipe insulation

1 or more rolls of hockey tape ( the kind used to reinforce the blade of the hockey stick)

Step 1:  Go to the plumbing section of your local home improvement store and pick up a piece of 1 inch pipe insulation.



Step 2:  Hold the bar with your hands 1 thumb distance from your hips as directed in the program.  Make a mark at the end of your extended thumb and cut the insulation to this length with a sharp knife.



Step 3:  Position the cut piece of insulation on the bar lining up the marks with the ends of the insulation.

Step 4:  Start by making 1 full wrap around the bar at one end of the insulation.  Then proceed to tightly wrap up the end of the insulation until the tape completely covers the end of the insulation.  The insulation should compress as you wrap the end.

Step 5: Continue to wrap the insulation until you reach the opposite end of the insulation.  Then tightly wrap the unfinished end until you have the insulation covered and you have made one full wrap around the bar to seal the end.  This is also where you can get creative and add another color of tape using an open spiral pattern.  You can use your favorite sports team colors, patriotic colors or what ever combination you like.


Now you have your bar nicely padded and customized.  Now when you pick up your bar and set your hands thumb distance from the padding, you are set in the standard grip for your work out.  Place the bar on your shoulders and you are ready for your next squat sequence.



I hope you find this tip useful.  I would be interested to hear you comments and color combinations that you use.  As you can see, my wife’s bar is gold and blue.  Mine is blue and red.  Kia Kaha.

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