Prevent Back and Shoulder pain-What P90X has done for me

After years of suffering from chronic back and shoulder pain, I finally found a way to control the discomfort and prevent my back and shoulder pain.  Through exercise and healthy eating I have been able to control my back pain and regain the range of motion that I lost due to shoulder pain.  In this video I share with you how I regained my back and shoulder health.

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3 thoughts on “Prevent Back and Shoulder pain-What P90X has done for me

  1. Rick – This is such a great video. I have had back and shoulder pain for so long, but your video has given me the confidence to start P90X. It really seems as though you have accumulated great knowledge about back and shoulder problems through your experiences.

  2. Great video. It makes so much sense that exercise will help with aches + pains. Most people would never think that this would be the case.

  3. I need to work my shoulder more evenly so I can get rid of my shoulder pain like you did. Thankx for the tips!

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