Gastric Bypass – Works every time?

After hearing the new wave of adds that are bombarding the airwaves I had to repost this article.

I have a coworker that is considering Gastric Bypass surgery.  He said that he can’t seem to lose weight by dieting.  He is convinced that the surgery is his best option because it is quick and, thanks to the current company medical insurance, inexpensive.  It is only going to cost him $1,000.00 to have the procedure.
I hear him talking to another coworker that has had the procedure and how she says that it’s the best thing that he could do.  She showed us a before and after photo and she did have good results from the surgery did is the operative word.  Since she has moved into a new position at work she has gained over 40 pounds on top of what she had gained due to stresses prior to her position change.  Unfortunately, she is yet another one of the 80% of people that gain the weight back 3-5 years after surgery.
This link takes you to the Mayo Clinic’s post dealing with the after care and long term results of Gastric Bypass surgery  Reading the diet and long term effects I can’t understand why a person, unless that person is told by their doctor that they need this to save their life, would go through this.  The commitment to the diet and fitness program is to say the least extreme.  The nutrition program is far more severe than anything I have ever read or let alone tried in an effort to lose weight.  If I had tried to follow this program I would have collapsed from malnutrition.  Granted I never had to lose 100 or more pounds.  I did have 50 lbs to lose at one time.  But I couldn’t have functioned with the program required for even more than a couple of weeks without falling over.
The surgery does work for those that are willing to make the sacrifices required.  I ran across another person I hadn’t seen in several years who also had the bypass procedure.  He said that it was the best thing he ever did.  He also went on to say that he changed his entire way of life.  He started eating better, exercising, and developed the proper attitude about his health and fitness.  This sounds exactly like what I did to get into shape.  The only difference is I didn’t put my body through a “minor” surgical procedure with major side effects.
I went through my life as a “chubby” kid and adult.  I was offered all of the quick fixes and tried a few.  They never worked for very long and I always gained the weight back.  I finally had lasting success when my wife of then 26 years and a rural mail carrier, said that she had a tough time with the Christmas mail that year.  She continued by saying that she wanted to get into better shape but didn’t have the motivation to do it alone.  About the same time we were introduced to a video with a somewhat crazy guy in it leading the workouts.  He was saying things like “This is our pace.  If it’s too slow speed up. If it’s too fast slow down.   Need a break hit the pause button”.   That person was Tony Horton and the program was Power90.   We were hooked and have been working out 3-5 times a week ever since.  Our diet is better.  We exercise, and we have developed the proper attitude about health and fitness.  Wait, didn’t we hear that somewhere?
For those that have the surgery because your doctor told you do this or you are going to suffer and possibly die, my heart goes out to you.  I wish you all of the best in your quest for better health.  For those that fell that they needed to take immediate action and take charge of their health but have met with no success by any other means, the same.  For those that think that Gastric Bypass is the quick easy way to get into shape, please read the information from the Mayo Clinic.  Research the  long lasting effects and actions that you will need to take for success.  The same goes for the other quick surgical fixes available.  Are you willing to change your entire way of life to make these procedures a lasting success.
Before you take the final leap and go through the surgery, remember the commitment you need to make for the surgery to be successful.  It is the same commitment and determination as you would need to make for a successful non-surgical health and fitness program.  The major difference is you will have achieved the same results (although maybe not as quickly), by your own perseverance.  In doing so you will attain the proper attitude about your health and be a cornerstone for change in the lives around you.  You will also have the satisfaction of knowing that you are amongst the growing numbers of people that are taking charge of their life and saying I can, and I did.
A special thanks to my my brother-in-law Dr. William Feist for proofing this blog and helping me make the decision to post it for all to read.
Note:  Since this was origanally written and posted on another blog a little over a year ago, the co-worker has had the surgery.  He has lost the weight but he has to make huge sacrafices in his lifestyle.  He is working hard to keep a positive attitude and make the the long term changes needed to maintain his progress.
 My other co-worker unfortunatly, has gained back all of the weight she lost and is even heavier than she was before the procedure.  My heart goes out to her.

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