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15 thoughts on “Prevent Back and Shoulder injury – Eat your ego

  1. Back injuries are near the top of sport related injuries. Most of them are easy to prevent. Great information. Thank you.

  2. You are so right about that ego!

  3. Great info thank you! Gotta remember to check that ego at the door

  4. Wish I had done this the first time I tried to do a pull-up. I injured my shoulder and was out of commission for 6 weeks.

  5. A few years ago I hurt my back because I decided to move some boxes. I spent a month with back pain. Never again.

  6. Modify for success is the advice I give to patients all the time! Nice post.

  7. Great information! Shoulder and back injuries are something to take seriously.

  8. I need to get my husband to listen to this. Thanks

  9. Great advice Rick! Being the “strong man” isn’t worth having to take time off from life to heal an injury.

  10. Should have found your site years ago, recovering from shoulder surgery at the moment. I’ll be back for some advice when I heal. I plan on doing Tai Cheng after recovery.

  11. You have to be careful doing any type of physical activity because you can cause injury to your body. Listen to your body and don’t overdo it.

  12. So hard to stop and rest when you are on a good roll, but must be done for sure!

  13. Great advice, definitely need to be honest with yourself and your body about limitations!

  14. always need to be careful for sure! safety first always!

  15. Man………….ego gets the best of me way too often! : (

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