Easy Sourdough Starter

This is the recipe I use for my starter.  It’s quick, simple and will give you a starter with good flavor.

1 Cup unbleached flour

1 Cup warm water, about 105 degrees

1 Package (1 Tablespoon) active dry yeast Not quick rise

1 Tablespoon honey

Mix all ingredients in a non-metal container, glass is best and let stand for 2-3 days*.  When liquid forms on top, it is ready to use.  Stir the liquid back into your starter before using.

As you use your starter, replenish it by adding equal amounts of warm water and flour.  If you take a cup out, add a cup of water and a cup of flour.  The more you use your starter, the better it gets.

If a dark liquid forms on top, you have let your starter get away from you.  Dispose of it either by flushing it in the toilet or down the drain with lots of hard flowing water.  Clean your container and start over.

Sharing your starter with family and friends is easy.  Just give them 1/4 cup of your starter and when they get it home, they add flour and water and let it work for a day or two.

You can use your starter in breads, biscuits, pancakes or anything you make with flour by substituting an equal amount of flour and liquid for starter i.e.: 1 cup starter for 1 cup dry flour and 1 cup liquid.

Happy Baking!

* Keep an eye on your new batch of starter for the first several hours.  The reaction of the yeast with the flour and honey is fast and furious and if you’re not watching it, you may end up with your starter overgrowing your container and making a huge mess on the counter.  Try to avoid using Tupperware of similar types of containers.  They will pick up the odor of the starter and never let it go.

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