The Final Countdown To Knee Replacment Surgery.

The final countdown for knee replacement surgery:

There is so much going thru your mind as you get closer to the day of your knee replacement surgery.  What’s going to happen during the surgery?  What do I need to do after the surgery?  What do I need to do before the surgery?  It’s a scary and daunting thing you are about to do.

Let’s concentrate on what you need to do in the two weeks prior to your surgery day.

First the simple common sense things.

Start with removing scatter and throw rugs.  These are potential slip and trip hazards.
If not already installed, have railings put in for your steps.
Move your clothing, cooking utensils and personal items at a height that is easy to reach.
Put night lights in hallways and your bedroom.
Move furniture so you will have room to move without obstructions.
Put a non-skid mat in your tub or shower.

Look around your home and if you see anything that you think may get in the way as you continue your recovery, move it into an area or room that you won’t using.

Now for some of the more specific things you need to do to get ready.

You should have received a sheet/s with exercises that will help you get your muscles ready for and recovery from the surgery.
Practice these exercises twice a day without fail.
Having good muscle tone prior to your surgery will make the surgery and recovery much easier.

You will be using a walker for 2-4 weeks after surgery.  Have the walker adjusted for height and practice using it.

Check the height of chairs, your car seat and your toilet.

You do not want your knees higher than your hips while sitting.  This will put unwanted stress on your knee.

If you don’t have one, get a comfortable straight back chair with solid arms and firm padding.  Recliners are not recommended as they can be hard to get out of.

Your doctor may have you start taking iron supplements to build your blood up.

Finally let’s look at some of the things you need to do and not do during this time.

If you have not had a dental check-up in the last six months do it now.  Many of the infections that cause potential complications can be traced back to the bacteria in your mouth.  Brush Regularly.

If you smoke, Quit.  Smoking increases the chances of complications and slows healing.

Eating healthy is always important.  It is even more important when preparing and recovering from surgery.

Some foods and supplements that medical professionals advise you avoid may be surprising.  They were to me.

Stop taking All herbal supplements.

Herbal supplements include:
Green Tea
Glucosamine and Chondroitin
Vitamin E supplements

the list is far too long to go into here.  As a general rule, if it is any type of Prebiotic, Probiotic, Herb, Super Greens or fruit, or digestive enzyme blend, it should be stopped.  This is not something that those of us who use and believe in Shakeology will take without an argument.  But many of the ingredients in the proprietary blends, as good as they are for us, can thin the blood and increase bleeding during surgery.

Now for the things you can eat.

Increase your protein intake.  Protein is necessary for muscle strength and recovery.  The proteins can be from white meat and fish, soy or whey, and vegetable.  Try to cut back on red meat.  We all know that red meat has higher fat and cholesterol and this can cause problems with recovery.   Protein also aids in the healing of the incision.  Continue with a well balanced diet.  Simple common sense nutrition is key.

Your doctor may have specific instructions or recommendations for your particular procedure and recovery.  Always follow them to the best of your ability.

If you have questions or concerns about your upcoming surgery, do not hesitate to ask your doctor.  It is your body and your health.  You have the right to know all of the facts, benefits and risks involved.

Note:  This was originally posted just prior to my wife’s knee replacement.  It is nearly a year since the procedure and we are both back to doing P90X.   She has worked up modifications that allow her to do each workout without the high impact.  We will bring these to you in upcoming posts.

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